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Book Club

Diversify your library with the Woke Babies Book Club.

The Woke Babies Book Club allows your students the opportunity to read inclusive books at home. You can also earn books for your classroom, whilst ensuring your students are represented and valued. 15% of every order made earns funding towards free books for your school library and classrooms. 

This means that for every £10 spent we will contribute £1.50 towards free books for your school.

 The recommended books are carefully chosen by Woke Babies specialist team, ensuring your students have access to the most diverse, fun and engaging books, featuring BAME protagonists reflective of the diverse world we live in. 

How it works

Create an account on our website to become a member of the Woke Babies book club. Let us know how many pupils are enrolled at your school.

We provide you with Woke Babies leaflets and book order forms for the children to take home.

With a parent or guardian, children can browse through our leaflet which features our incredible range of diverse books.

Parents and children can select their books via the order form which is collected with payment by the school and returned to Woke Babies. 

Ordered books are then delivered directly to the schools, for distribution to the parents/guardians.

15% of the total order earns your school free books.